VERONIKA K KO is an innovative, award winning and internationally acclaimed photographer. Born into an artistic family of painters, sculptors and composers, Veronika’s appreciation for art developed early on. Carrying artistic genes since an early age, Veronika loved to express herself through painting - creating impressions onto a canvas with exceptional use of light and colour. Having been in the Photography World for only a few years,she quickly attracted worldwide recognition. Veronika uses her camera with the same level of ease as he does with a paintbrush.Her vivid pictures reflect her colorful and sensitive soul, preserving everyday moments of Beauty and Harmony.Veronika's work presents creativity, endless love for the animals and the Nature,an affinity for travel and exploring differnet lands,cultures and traditions.Her images tell stories..

Veronika portfolio emphasizes her distinctive style,demonstrates depth and diversity - from breathtaking natural landscapes, to architecture ,to unique vantage points and intimate portraiture. Veronika prides herself on natural imagery without the use of any digital manipulation. She is admired around the world for her unique and creative vision transforming the mundane into the extraordinary, breathing new life into everyday scenes.

Veronika has been published extensively in a range of media worldwide including photo magazines, books and calendars. She is often among the winners in National Geographic’s: Assignments, Daily Dozen, Photo of the Day, Best of the Month, and Your Shot competitions. Her work has been published in National Geographic's magazines and National Geographic's photography books,including: Stunning Photographs, Getting Your Shot, World Link Education, Greatest Landscapes. She has showcased in exhibits and in private collections in major cities all over the world including Tokyo, New York, St. Petersburg, Sofia, Athens, Milan, London, Munich, Berlin and Toronto. Some of Veronika’s notable commercial clients include Peugeot, Audi, Citroen as well as popular energy drink and tourism companies. She is one of the photographers of charitible foundation (helping impoverished nations around the world).

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